Why do seasonal businesses usually need a working capital?
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Why do seasonal businesses usually need a working capital?

You must know there is great Importance of Working Capital in businesses that really want to thrive in the marketplace. For the seasonal business owner, it becomes necessary to strategies the optimization of working capital for the year. Whether summer is the peak time for business or winter, the working capital needed is there in both circumstances.

The lenders can help these small business owners by fulfilling their requirements and lending them funds to support their small businesses. Seasonal Businesses Need Working Capital to survive and prosper in the competitive market.

What is Working Capital?

Working capital can be defined as the amount of operational funds you possess for the operation of the business and for investing in its development. 

 Regarded as vital to any business, it’s calculated by deducting current liabilities from current assets. But the formula does work for variations that arise with seasonality.

The Seasonal business does need a large amount of inventory expenses for their peak seasons.  Sales experience a sudden sharp increase, accompanied by delays in receiving cash payments before they are eventually acknowledged. This is why small businesses need a significant quantity of working capital so that they can buy important inventory and carry out work as they wait for sales to be processed in accounts receivable.

If a company runs out of money at this point, it could result in bankruptcy, even if the networking capital of the company is positive.

In comparison with the nonseasonal businesses, the seasonal businesses need much more working capital so that they can survive in the high-demand peak time. 

Importance of Working Capital

Seasonal businesses require working capital for their business for plenty of reasons:

Inventory Purchase

The biggest setback for small businesses could be to run out of inventory. In such circumstances, the company has to turn away their clients in the peak seasons like holidays or some other important seasons.

If a company is not able to make it through the peak season it might end up missing the golden chances of boosting its sales. Plus it would also have a negative impact on the reputation of the company. Also, it might be possible that the same clients never return to your brand to purchase goods and services. 

This is why it is important for small businesses to stock up on their best-performing product for the future. The merchant could also order the inventory several months in advance, to have better pricing and to make longer payment terms with the vendor.

This approach is best if the merchant wants their company to meet the clients’ orders in a busy time of season and at any other time.

Buying New Equipments

It is good for small business owners to inspect their equipment before the peak season starts. They should inspect so that if they lack any equipment or if anything needs maintenance and replacement, they can find out.

There could arise a need for very important equipment, without which the business can not operate properly. To avoid any such circumstances, you should replace the older equipment and should do the maintenance properly from your side. By doing this, you can avoid the issues that may arise.

But buying the new equipment could be challenging, especially when you have limited cash. At such time merchants can take help from the equipment leasing and funding options from the suppliers. They can also become Merchant Cash Advance Leads by taking funds from the lenders.

Expenses for Marketing

Merchants need to do marketing to create a brand awareness of their business. To get the customer, one needs to promote the brand.

For seasonal businesses advertising and marketing is very important. During the peak season when all the competitors are trying their best to get the maximum number of customers, it becomes important to carry out a marketing campaign and catch the people’s attention.

It is a merchant’s choice to outsource the marketing or to use the employees for this purpose. However, one must allocate a good budget for online approaches like search engine optimization, Google ads, social media platforms, etc. Plus, you cannot simply ignore the offline platforms, including televisions, radio, and mail-in flyers.

Employing Further Team

Seasonal Businesses Need Working Capital to hire some more people during the busy season. Of course, more work requires an additional workforce to carry out the processes smoothly.

A temporary work team could manage the influx of customers smoothly.

It’s important to note that the need for temporary staff tends to reach its highest point during busy seasons. This is why you need to offer higher wages and bonuses or incur agency costs if you opt to hire through a staffing agency.


Seasonal businesses require working capital even more than the non-seasonal business. As the seasonal business has a specific peak time, so they require some funding to keep themselves ready for the busy seasons.

They might require working capital for purchasing inventory, buying new equipment, advertising and marketing, and hiring more people. They may also require funds for carrying out other business activities.

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